The new stop-smoking therapy

Get the digital health app Non-Smoking Heroes to support you in diagnosing tobacco dependence.
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Non-Smoking Heroes - the first app on prescription for the treatment of tobacco addiction

The app is designed to treat and alleviate tobacco dependence. Through a 3-month behavioural therapy non-smoking coaching, patients are helped to overcome their tobacco addiction.
Approved Digital Health Application (DiGA)
100% cost absorption by statutory health insurance funds
Highest requirement for data protection & data security
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Digital stop-smoking therapy based on 5 pillars that have been proven to lead to success.

The Non-Smoking Heroes app supports smokers who want to quit by strengthening their motivation and self-efficacy, by educating them about the scientific connections between psychological and physical dependence, and by providing strategies for short-term and long-term relapse prevention. The stop-smoking therapy addresses the individual needs, problems and interests of each user and provides digital tools to measure individual stop-smoking success.

How do I get my app on prescription?

As a family doctor's practice, we see ourselves as long-term companions in dealing with your illnesses. Our experienced and specially trained doctors will work with you to find the best therapy or solution approach for your individual complaints. In the case of a diagnosis of tobacco dependence, this may also be the Non-Smoking Heroes app. In this case, you will be issued a prescription for Non-Smoking Heroes. You can then send the prescription to your health insurance company in the usual way. You will then receive your individual activation code.

Elements of the Non-Smoking Heroes App:
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