The general practitioner program (HzV)

Appointments available at short notice
More time for personalized care
From 35: Check-up every 2 years

As a participant in the family doctor program (HzV), we are your first point of contact for health concerns. Register now via your app and benefit from all the advantages in future.
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Our additional services

Exclusively in the GP program

Appointments available at short notice

We reserve appointments that can be booked for urgent concerns such as sick leave and referrals.

More time for personalized care

Your health insurance provides our practices with more resources that further benefit your care.

From 35: Check-up every 2 years

You can take advantage of the free Check-up 35, including blood work every 2 years instead of 3.

How to take part

Quick and easy registration in the app


Learn about the program

Find out all about the General Practitioner Program at your Avi Medical practice.

Sign up

Once you have enrolled through the Avi Medical app, we will complete the necessary paperwork for you and submit it to your health insurance.

Your participation starts

You will find out the exact start date when you register in the app.
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The general practitioner program (HzV)

Simply better care

The family doctor program (HzV) aims to provide patients with the best possible medical care. Our GPs play a central role in this.
As the first point of contact, they coordinate your treatment and involve the appropriate specialists when needed. In this way, you avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor and duplicate examinations, and your family doctor keeps track of your health.
Register now for the GP program in the app by 15 January (AOK Bayern) or 31 January (TK, DAK, KKH, hkk, HEK and BARMER) and benefit from all the advantages from October.

Your benefits

Access to short-term appointments
Check-up every 2 years
More time for personalized care

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