Certificate of incapacity for work (AU) and medical certificate

What is a certificate of incapacity for work (AU) and when do I need it?

If you are ill, you should take a rest. Your required work performance cannot be provided and with contagious illnesses such as a cold or flu, there is a risk of infecting your colleagues.

As an employee, you need a medical certificate as proof of your absence from work due to illness - the so-called certificate of incapacity to work (AU), often also called a "yellow slip", certificate or simply sick note.

The certificate of incapacity for work serves as proof to your boss and employer that you are really ill and that a doctor has certified that you cannot go to work for the period of incapacity. This proof is important so that you can receive continued payment of wages from your employer.

A certificate of incapacity for work can be issued in two cases:
- As an initial certificate: You have fallen ill with this illness for the first time within the last six months.
- As a follow-up certificate: Your illness continues beyond the period originally stated.

How do I obtain a certificate of incapacity for work (AU)?

If you need an AU, simply make an appointment at one of our Avi Medical practices and discuss with our medical team.