Corona (COVID-19)

What is the Corona Long-Term Impact Check?

Approximately 10-20 per cent of those who even mildly suffer from Covid-19 still complain of persistent, partly unspecific complaints after weeks of actual recovery. This is now referred to as possible post-Covid syndrome. Exhaustion, brain fog, joint complaints or, for example, the feeling of palpitations can be signs of this multifaceted syndrome.

Our Corona Long-Term Follow-Up Check is an initial consultation after you have recovered from a Covid infection, in which we jointly assess your symptoms, plan a sensible diagnosis and, if necessary, refer you to appropriate specialists.

Who should take the Corona Long-Term Impact Check?

You had a Covid 19 disease a long time ago, but you still don't feel really fit? Do you have gastrointestinal complaints, concentration problems or is your performance limited? In this case, it makes sense to think about post-Covid syndrome. You are welcome to make an appointment at one of our Avi Medical practices to have possible long-term effects clarified in an initial consultation.

Good to know: We recommend registering for the long-term follow-up check no earlier than 6 weeks after a covid infection detected by PCR. Please bring the PCR test result with you to the appointment!