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What is yellow fever?

This is a severe viral infection transmitted by a diurnal mosquito species (Aedes). Yellow fever begins three to six days after infection with a first bout of fever. In a second episode - after a seemingly healthy phase - a severe liver inflammation occurs, from which about 20% of patients die.

Who should be vaccinated against yellow fever?

Vaccination is strongly recommended for travel to high-risk areas (Africa and Latin America) and is required by most high-risk countries to protect public health upon entry.

How and when is the yellow fever vaccination carried out and what must be taken into account?

The yellow fever vaccine is a live vaccine and should be given under the skin or into the muscle. Only one vaccination is necessary, the protection begins about 10 days after vaccination. According to the WHO, the vaccination protection after a single vaccination is lifelong.

The vaccination is usually well tolerated, occasionally skin redness, swelling or flu-like symptoms occur. In rare cases, neurological vaccination reactions (meningitis) have been described.
However, people over 60 should only be vaccinated under strict indication. In this age group, the frequency of side effects increases and in rare cases severe side effects are also described.

Where can I get the yellow fever vaccination?

You can currently have the yellow fever vaccination carried out at our practices in Munich Central Station, Hofstatt and Solln.