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Indication vaccination in case of occupational risk

Indication vaccination in case of occupational risk

When is an indication vaccination necessary or useful in case of occupational risk? 

Do you work in a medical or nursing facility, e.g. as a nurse, doctor or cleaner, and thus have more contact with patients with a wide range of infectious diseases?

Are you an educator or do you work in a community facility and thus have contact with many children and childhood diseases?

As a forestry worker or hunter, do you spend a lot of time out in nature and come into contact with ticks, for example?

Do you have a high level of public traffic due to your profession, e.g. as an employee in public authorities, bus driver, teacher or police officer, and does this increase your risk of flu infection?

In all these cases, certain indication vaccinations may be necessary or useful.

Did you know that measles vaccination has been compulsory in Germany since March 2020?

This is because school and kindergarten children are to be effectively protected against measles. Thus, all children from the age of one must now have the measles vaccinations recommended by the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO) when they enter school or kindergarten.

The same applies to persons working in community or medical institutions, such as educators, teachers, day-care and medical staff (provided these persons were born after 1970).

How to find out about indication vaccinations

Would you like to know more about whether further vaccinations are necessary in your current field of work? Then simply make an appointment for a vaccination status check at one of our Avi Medical practices and discuss with our medical team.

They will tell you whether you are sufficiently protected or whether you should receive a vaccination. Your employer may also be a suitable contact in this case.