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How Avi Medical helps you with smoker's cough

For countless smokers, the smoker's cough is a daily companion. But: The congested bronchial tubes should definitely be taken seriously, as they can be the first sign of serious lung diseases. So start treating your smoker's cough as early as possible - our doctors at Avi Medical will help you.

What is smoker's cough?

The so-called smoker's cough is a chronic cough that occurs in smokers. It can be the first sign of chronic bronchitis and thus be considered a precursor of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Good to know: The term "smoker's cough" is not a medical term, but is used colloquially.

At what point is it smoker's cough?

The diagnosis "smoker's cough" is extremely individual - depending on the patient's previous illness, susceptibility and number of regular cigarettes. Smoker's cough never appears suddenly, but develops gradually.

What are the triggers of smoker's cough?

The trigger of smoker's cough is considered to be long-term smoking (also e-cigarette or shisha) and the associated continuous exposure of the bronchial tubes and lungs to a wide variety of toxins. The cough is causedby the following abnormalities: 

  • the cilia of the lungs, which normally filter inhaled particles and transport them out of the organ, stick together and die. The cough helps to transport the particles as a substitute. 
  • Nicotine consumption reduces the cleansing of the lungs from pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. Smokers therefore fall ill more easily and recover more slowly.
  • smoking leads to inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. As a result, there is a constriction of these and increased mucus production, which is supposed to serve as protection for the lungs  

What are possible symptoms of smoker's cough?

You can recognise smoker's cough by the following typical symptoms

  • Chronic cough that occurs mainly in the morning
  • Thick sputum with a discoloured colour depending on the concomitant disease (usually clear at the beginning of the development, later yellow-greenish or also with blood admixture) 
  • Shortness of breath, which can occur both on exertion and at rest. 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Whistling or rustling breathing sounds
  • "Unfolding crackle" after getting up (crackling breathing sound caused by the alveoli of the lungs sticking together or collapsing during sleep).

The treatment of smoker's cough at Avi Medical

Our experienced doctors are available to help you with the treatment of smoker's cough at all our locations. The first important step for us is to exclude any other causative underlying disease (such as a tumour). 

If this can be ruled out, targeted treatment of the smoker's cough follows in order to prevent the development of chronic bronchitisor COPD. The essential measures here include: 

  • the cessation of smoking. This allows the cilia of the lungs to recover and form anew
  • Saline inhalations
  • Expectorant (e.g. lip balm)