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Primary care

As a primary care practice, we are the first point of contact for your health. Whether acute symptoms, chronic illnesses, sick notes or preventive health care. If necessary, we refer you to specialists we trust. Sick notes, wound care or surgery preparation and follow-up - we take care of you from start to finish.

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Corona (COVID-19)

As general practitioners, we are here for you during this difficult time. We test, vaccinate and look after your long-term health in relation to Corona.

Important: Please let us know on the phone or when booking online if you are showing symptoms. In this case, we do not ask you to come directly to the practice - we will contact you after booking the appointment with further information.

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Treatment of chronic patients

As general practitioners, we see ourselves as long-term companions in dealing with chronic diseases. In combination with disease management programs (DMP), we will find the best therapy and solution approach for you.

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Precaution & check-ups

Prevention is the best medicine. We support you in avoiding the occurrence of future illnesses or in detecting and treating them as early as possible. This way you can assess where you stand in terms of health.

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Do you need a medical certificate? We can provide you with medical certificates for the following occasions:

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Laboratory, vitamins & Co

You don't always have to be sick to see your doctor - quite the opposite! In addition to treating acute symptoms, we offer a wide range of additional services to ensure that you feel healthy and well in the long term.  

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Other symptoms

Not all complaints are directly attributable to an underlying disease. We follow a holistic medical approach and take care that we find the best solution for your health complaints together.

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Treatment of chronic patients

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes

How Avi Medical helps you

As a diabetic, quick access to medical advice and appropriate medication is indispensable. Our competent doctors in our Avi Medical practices will clarify with you in your first consultation which symptoms are bothering you and will find the right therapy for you.
Unlike with type 1 diabetes, with type 2 diabetes your GP is your primary contact. Throughout your diabetes treatment, our doctors are your constant companions and always there for you.

What is diabetes mellitus type 2?

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease that leads to persistently elevated blood sugar levels. The sugar supplied through food cannot be absorbed into the body's cells, which causes the sugar level in the blood to rise. If this level is permanently elevated, vessels and organs can suffer serious damage.

This disease is not that rare! Almost eight million people in Germany are affected by it.

What are possible symptoms? What are the consequences?

With diabetes, those affected often suffer from:

  • strong urge to urinate
  • constant thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • frequent infections
  • Acetone smell in the mouth

Unfortunately, the disease can also remain undetected for many years. This is a problem, because in the long term, diabetes can cause long-term damage to health through damage to the small and large arteries and nerves. Heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and even kidney damage can be the consequences. It is therefore important to recognise the disease at an early stage and also to treat it in order to avoid long-term consequences, especially to the heart, blood vessels and kidneys.

Treatment of type 2 diabetes at Avi Medical

With a simple blood test, it can be clarified whether the corresponding symptoms are actually due to diabetes mellitus. Depending on the type of disease, there are different treatment options.
In the case of type 2 diabetes, it is often sufficient at the beginning to change the lifestyle and take medication. Patients should exercise a lot, lose excess weight and eat a healthy and varied diet.

What do I have to do?

Always pay attention to the following points:

  • Provide the body with sufficient energy. Eat slow-acting carbohydrates, e.g. unsalted nuts.
  • Alwayscarry your meter with you. If your blood glucose level drops rapidly, you can counteract this with glucose or a meal.
  • Do not go to bed with elevated levels. The risk of hypoglycaemia is greatest during sleep, as it usually goes unnoticed. It is recommended that you take a blood glucose reading before going to bed. You should also set an alarm clock to check your blood glucose level again after a few hours.


You can prevent type 2 diabetes! A lot of exercise and a balanced, healthy diet are the basis. In addition, you should avoid permanent negative stress, as this increases the blood sugar level and keeps it constantly high.

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