Precaution & check-ups

What is the check-up under/over 35?

The check-up under/over 35 is a preventive examination that can detect diseases - especially cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes mellitus - at an early stage. If you attend the check-up regularly, chronic diseases can be detected or prevented at an early stage, which also improves treatment options. 

Who should have the check-up under/over 35 and at what time interval?

In principle, it makes sense for everyone. From the age of 35, your health insurance will cover the health check every three years.

Between the ages of 18 and 35, people with statutory health insurance can take advantage of the check-up once.

What is included in Check-up 35?

To get a good overview of yourself and your health, your practice team will complete the following steps:

1. Medical history: If available, you will discuss your previous illnesses (personal medical history) and existing complaints with your doctor. However, the diseases within your family, as well as a social history (e.g. occupation) and your lifestyle habits will also be discussed.

2. A physical examination including a measurement of blood pressure is also an important part.

3. You will receive a blood sample, in which the following blood values will be examined: blood lipids and fasting blood sugar. Since fall 2021, you can also be tested once for hepatitis-B and hepatitis-C virus infection.

4. Urine testing helps detect kidney disease or diabetes mellitus.

5. Your vaccination status will be checked - please bring your vaccination card with you.

Optionally, an examination of your skin for conspicuous changes can take place.

After the examination, you discuss the results of your health check-up with your doctor, taking into account your individual risk profile. Together you will consider how you can prevent the development of diseases. Most of the time, this involves adjusting lifestyle habits. This includes, for example, courses on exercise, nutrition and stress management as well as information on the risks of smoking and a healthy approach to alcohol.

If a disease is present or suspected, your doctor will ensure that further targeted diagnostics are carried out and that any medically necessary measures are initiated.

Please remember to come to your check-up sober.