Specialist in Internal Medicine

Dr. Iris Kingreen

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Additional training


Education & Work Experience

Work experience

Further training as a diabetologist
Diabetes- und Stoffwechselzentrum Ismaning/Erding, 2018-2020

Specialist training as internist
Rotkreuzklinikum München, Gastroenterology and Diabetology, 2011-2017

Training as a nutritional physician


"A randomised long-term study on the effects on metabolic control and cardiac function of analogue insulins versus human insulins in ICT(Intensified Conventional Insulin Therapy) in type 2 diabetes"
Doctoral supervisor: Prof. Helene von Bibra
Klinikum Bogenhausen, Munich


Study of Human Medicine
Technical University of Munich, 2003-2010


Effects of analogue insulin in multiple daily injection therapy of type 2 diabetes on postprandial glucosecontrol and cardiac function compared to human insulin: a randomized controlled long-term study.
von Bibra H, Siegmund T, Kingreen I, Riemer M, Schuster T, Schumm-Draeger PM
Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2016 Jan 16;15:7. doi: 10.1186/s12933-015-0320-2.

ICT analogue insulin regimens improve cardiac function and postprandial blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes more than ICT human insulin regimens
H von Bibra, T Siegmund, M Riemer, I Walther, PM Schumm-Draeger
Diabetology and Metabolism 2009;4-P_82

Cardiac function and postprandial blood glucose control are improved more by ICT analogue insulin regimens than by ICT human insulin regimens in type 2 diabetes
I Walther, H von Bibra, T Siegmund, A Pfützner, PM Schumm-Draeger
Diabetology and Metabolism 2011; 6-P134

Analogue versus human insulin therapy improves postmeal glucose and cardiac function in patientswith type 2 diabetes with multiple daily injections (MDI)
Helene von Bibra, Iris Walther, Thorsten Siegmund, Tibor Schuster, Andreas Pfützner, Petra-MariaSchumm-Draeger
ADA; 71st Scientific Sessions 2011, Abstract Number: 1522-P

Three questions, three answers

Dr. Iris Kingreen
How did you get into medicine? Did you always want to be a doctor?
Dr. Iris Kingreen
My father was a very kind doctor. Probably the sounds, the smells, the kind of conversations had a positive influence on me early on when I was allowed to visit him in the practice. When I also noticed at school how science subjects excited me, I thought to myself: let the path to becoming a doctor begin!
What is your favourite film / series? Why?
Dr. Iris Kingreen
I'm a cliché here: Grey's Anatomy. The series accompanied me through my studies with all its ups and downs. Wednesday evenings were sacred to me: meeting friends, cooking together and then watching the latest episode and chatting.
What are you really proud of?
Dr. Iris Kingreen
My house, my car... No, certainly not. Definitely: my three children!
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