The app on prescription for sleep disorders

The digital health app somnio can help you with non-organic insomnia.
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somnio - digital help for restful sleep.

somnio supports you with established treatment methods from sleep medicine for problems falling asleep and staying asleep.
Approved Digital Health Application (DiGA)
100% cost absorption by statutory health insurance funds
Highest requirement for data protection & data security
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The digital sleep training.

Effective treatment methods can help you learn to sleep well again. In somnio you are supported by digital sleep experts - smart companions with the latest knowledge from sleep medicine. The app guides you through several modules in which you learn to optimise your sleep times, follow an individually coordinated sleep-wake rhythm, correctly perform relaxation techniques and deal with thoughts that prevent sleep.

How do I get my app on prescription?

As a family doctor's practice, we see ourselves as long-term companions in dealing with your illnesses. Together with you, our experienced and specially trained doctors will find the best therapy or solution approach for your individual complaints. In the case of a diagnosis of non-organic insomnia, this may also be the somnio app. In this case, you will be given a prescription for somnio. You can then send the prescription to your health insurance company in the usual way. You will then receive your individual activation code from them.

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