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Avi Medical helps you with lumbago

Up to 85 percent of all people experience lumbago once in their life. The acute back pain is usually harmless and heals by itself. However, lumbago can also be a symptom of a serious illness. So start treatment as early as possible ! Our experienced doctors will accompany you at all our locations.

What is lumbago?

Colloquially known as lumbago, the terms lumbago, acute lumbar syndrome, or acute lumbalgia refer to sudden onset pain in the lower back. This is usually caused by acute muscle tension that irritates the nerves of the spine.

At what point is it lumbago?

The following points must be fulfilled for a diagnosis of lumbago

  • Sudden onset of severe pain in the lower back
  • Affected people have a history of musculoskeletal diseases or disorders

What are the triggers of lumbago?

Typical triggers of lumbago are: 

  • Unaccustomed or drastic movements (such as incorrect, heavy or jerky lifting, twisting movements, bending)
  • diminished back muscles
  • long sitting
  • Lack of exercise
  • Overweight
  • Psychological stress
  • cold wet climate

Good to know: Lumbago does not always occur immediately after the trigger, but can also show up hours or days later.

What are possible symptoms of lumbago?

You can recognise lumbago by the following typical symptoms

  • severe pain in the back, which increases with coughing, sneezing and general movement
  • Affected persons are often bent forward.
  • Inability to move

The treatment of lumbago at Avi Medical

The comprehensive therapy of lumbago includes the following measures

  • Light movements (such as stretching exercises)
  • Heat applications 
  • In the case of acute or very pronounced pain, also: anti-inflammatory painkillers or infiltration with cortisone

For Avi Medical, prevention is also an important component in the treatment of lumbalgia. This includes:

  • Back school
  • Education on correct lifting, correct sitting posture and back-friendly work